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My name is Donald Noyes - I am a technologist, acquainted with but not specializing in many fields of interest. Career skills include Electrical and Controls Engineering Design, a field I spent the most recent years of employment before becoming an open-systems-free-agent.

I am a collector at heart, not wanting to throw anything away, now, because of space limitations being in the final phase of store-digital and throw while utiliizing a large home-office display environment keeping a low storage volume footprint, retaining some physical artifacts because of personal preference.


Near time Ambitions --- set up an additional system to that of my present Microsoft System - A Linux System called NysLinux.

Part of my NysSystems - with an operations center at my Systems Home Office

I am using a multi-monitor, keyboard, mouse, scanner, printer, external usb drive, several systems environment.

Also a high speed connection and router for using internet magic

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